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Your legal workshop on Costa del Sol offers you a wide spectra of services making your life in Spain the pleasure it should be.

Our Services
Administrative and Urban Law

Urbanism: planning, expropriation, land use. Economic-Administrative Claims. Liability of Public Administrations. Resources against administrative resolutions. Management of licensing of administrative authorizations and licenses.

Civil Law

We have a wide experience verified especially in the area of Family Law and Inheritance, we process separations, divorces, inheritances and wills. Claims of quantity. Family and succession processes. Regulatory>>>

Registration for foreigners

We manage everything related to the obtaining of residence and work permits, NIE for foreigners and all kinds of services related to the Law of Aliens. We are specialized in>>>

Real Estate Law

Drafting and review of all types of private contracts: purchase, sale, leasing, call option, barter, donation. Tax and legal advice on sale. Assistance in signing private deeds or contracts. Survey>>>

Tax Law

The Firm has several external partners experts in tax and accounting advice for individuals and legal entities.


Drafting and review of all types of civil and commercial contracts. Business and corporate counseling in general. Intercultural Mediation. Property and Commercial Records: registration of public deeds, reports and certificates.>>>

Legal Translations

We carry out legal translations of: Contracts and deeds Company Statutes Powers, Notarial Deeds Wills Resources and Citations Agreements Legal Reports Lawsuits and rulings

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Our team

Jasmin Eschtehardi

Jasmin Eschtehardi


Abogada Nacida en Berlín, Alemania, en 1978. Licenciada en Derecho, Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid. Dirección de Email: jasmin@eshtehardi.es Licenciada en el año 2.002, viene estando dedicada en cuerpo, alma>>>

Aylar Ebadiazar

Aylar Ebadiazar

Office manager

Born in Tehran, Iran Email: aylar@eshtehardi.es Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/ailar-ebadi-2a683757/ Languages: Farsi, Spanish, German, English ….

Ana Belén Gonzalez Serrano

Ana Belén Gonzalez Serrano

Administration Manager

Administration Manager (expert in accounting and business accounts) Technician in administration and financeLanguages: Spanish,  English

Arash Dashti Tamrin

Arash Dashti Tamrin

Client Manager

Client Manager Graduate in Spanish language at Universidad Teherán NorteLanguages: Persian, Spanish, English

Sirus Eschtehardi

Sirus Eschtehardi

Director Marbella Sun Home

Commercial Director Marbella Sun Home Languages: Spanish, German, English

We would like to present

It is an honor to present TWO MAGNIFICENT EXAMPLES of the sporting spirit of Marbella, which we are very proud to support. Both teams are excellent examples of the union between “Sports Club” and “Family Environment”, creating the perfect combination of education for our children , to grow with principles, discipline and above all, with RESPECT. This is endorsed by our corporation.

  • Clud de Natación Marbella
  • Club Deportivo Vázquez Cultural

Iran and Spain in numbers

80Citizens in Iran (millions)
46Citizens in Spain (millions)
505990Size of Spain (km2)
1648000Size of Iran (km2)